At Donow Research, we take every aspect of every project seriously. We specialize in field directing the recruitment of respondents for qualitative and quantitative research purposes. From recruitment to delivery, a qualified manager oversees each detail and every person involved in your specific study. We provide quality recruiting for all demographic and all socioeconomic groups. All respondents are carefully screened by professional in-house recruiters. Secondary screenings are then performed via our computer data-base. We track the attendance of all of our respondents to ensure that you get the best respondents without getting professional respondents. Finally, we re-screen all respondents during confirmation and encourage rescreening again upon arrival.
Services: We recruit respondents nationwide!
Focus Groups   Telephone interviewing
Consumer Business to business   IT interviewing
In-store intercept interviewing   Door-to-Door interviewing
In-depth executive   medical interviewing
Store audit   Product and taste-testing
Couponing and demonstrations   Mock juries
Merchandising programs   Mystery shopping programs
Mall intercept interviewing   Website usability
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