What is Market Research?

 From time to time, companies conduct consumer research projects such as: focus groups, surveys, interviews, mystery shopping, mock juries, taste tests, mall interviewing, etc… to find out what people like/dislike about their   existing/new products or services. Companies are strictly looking for your opinions regarding new advertising/marketing ideas. You may be asked to give feedback on the presentation or packaging of a product. You may be   asked to try new products (i.e. testing out new cell phones, sporting goods, diapers, etc.). Spots are limited and tend to fill up quickly, and some restrictions apply to the number of studies you may participate in during a given   time. The more people who register, the more studies we will have for everyone, so please consider passing our website to your family, friends, and co-workers nationwide! Although most focus groups are conducted in   major cities, we do some online studies and telephone interviews as well, so everyone can register and participate. All your information will be kept in the strictest confidence.



What’s the catch?

 There is no catch! You will NEVER be asked to purchase anything. You will ALWAYS be compensated for your time. Donow Research will only contact you if you may qualify for a study or if you may know someone who would   be interested. You will be asked a couple of qualifying questions, then told where, when, how long and how much money the study pays; then it is up to you to decide if you want to participate.



 Where do you conduct the research?

 We do projects nationwide: in person, online, and/or over the phone. 



How do I get paid?

For in person studies, you will get paid cash on the spot. Online/Phone studies typically are paid via check within 2-4 weeks.